Deputy Registrar- Administration & Academic Affairs


The primary mission of the Deputy Registrar's Office is to provide the Office of the University Registrar the necessary support and to facilitate the academic experience of students enrolled in the University, from the time of registration through to graduation.

Sections Of SAR's Office

    • Admissions
    • Registry
    • Exams & Timetabling

The Office of the Senior Assistant Registrar is responsible for the following activities:

      •     Provides leadership and strategic direction in issues relating to the academic administrative operational areas of admissions, registration, examinations and graduation;
      •     Responsible for keeping all student records (past and present) and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of such records;
      •     Helps to enforce and implement academic and administrative policies;
      •     Provides assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the University community;
      •     Motivates all personnel from the Student Administration and Examination Section to strive for excellence in the pursuance of their personal and units objectives;
      •     Supports the Registrar's Office in striving for excellence in academic administration through the research and possible implementation of "best practice" principles.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Office of the Deputy Registrar


Roles and Responsibilities of the Office of the Senior Assistant Registrar

The Office of the Senior Assistant Registrar also supports the Office of the Registrar in the following activities:

      • maintenance and publication of curricula
      • class and examination timetabling
      • new student registration
      • module enrolment
      • examination administration
      • issue of official academic transcripts and degree scrolls.
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