Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Question: How can I become a member of the University library?

    Answer: A Membership to the library is open to registered students and Staff. Academic and Non academic staff are to be recommended by their head of department.

    2. Question: When are students registered as library members?

    Registration of students will be done within the first month after admission in the first year subject to undergoing orientation.

    3. Question: How can I borrow a library book?

    Answer: All registered library members are allowed to borrow  books and will be expected to identify themselves at the time of borrowing.

    4. Question: Incase I delay or fail to return a book in time are there any charges?

    Answer: Overdue library books will be charged a fine of:

    (a)Longloan-Ksh 5.00 per day.
    (b)Shortloan-Ksh 5/= for the first hour and Sh.10 for every subsequent hour.

    5. Question: What would be the consequncies of loosing a library book.
    Answer: For lost books members will be:
    (a)Three times the cost of the book in print.
    (a) Five times the cost of the book out of print.

    6. Question: Am I allowed to photocopy a library book?

    Answer: Photocopying is available at ksh.3/= per copy.Note: All photocopying is subject to :

    (a) Copyright Act )Cap 130 Laws of Kenya)
    (b)The Librarian?s authority to photocopy
    (c) Written permission from the author's Theses and Dissertations.


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The Nakuru Town Campus College was started in 2001. Operating as a campus then, under the leadership of a Director, its aim was to accommodate students enrolling as SSP in Bachelor of Commerce and MBA.

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